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TOGAF & ArchiMate modeling tools

You can download tools supporting ArchiMate or the EAP approach for TOGAF. You can also submit other tools that support EAP, subject to acceptance by the administrator (you need to be registered before providing your own files).

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Modelio BA

Modelio BA is a product provided by Modeliosoft. This is a commercial product, that in addition to warrantee & support provides document generation support, and requirement analysis, dictionnary, and goal analysis modeling support. It completes the TOGAF and ArchiMate support with its functionalities in particular for the Vision and Requirement analysis phases.

Download Modelio BA


Modelio open source UML & BPMN modeling tool

Modelio is a professional modeling tool, distributed under an open source license. It provides complete support of the UML2 standard, as well as integrated BPMN support. Before you download the EAP extensions (as "Modelio TOGAF Architect"), you will first need to download the Modelio UML & BPMN modeling tool.

Download Modelio Open Source

module togafarchitect

Module TOGAF Architect (open source) for Modelio

TOGAF Architect is an open source Modelio module that supports TOGAF modeling, based on BPMN, UML2 and the EAP extensions. It also supports TOGAF matrixes generation and TOGAF Catalog Generation.
Modelio TOGAF Architect has been used to realize the examples

You need first to download Modelio (open source) and then the Togaf Architect module that you can apply to new Modelio projects.

More information about the TOGAF Architect module

modelio archimate

ArchiMate plugin for Modelio Open Source

The ArchiMate plugin provides support of the ArchiMate 3.0 standard to Modelio Open Source.

NB: Please note that this plugin is not compatible with Modeliosoft distributions of Modelio.

Download ArchiMate plugin

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