Data migration diagrams

The purpose of the data migration diagram is to show the flow of data from the source to the target applications. The diagram will provide a visual representation of the spread of sources/targets and serve as a tool for data auditing and establishing traceability. This diagram can be elaborated or enhanced as detailed as necessary. For example, the diagram can contain just an overall layout of migration landscape or could go into individual application metadata element level of detail.

Data migration can be expressed at conceptual, logical or physical level. Application communication diagrams can also be used to express the data migration. The "migrate" dependency is the key element to formalize migration.

data migration diagram

business-entityBusiness Entity: Describes the semantics of the entities in the business, independently of any IS consideration (e.g. storage, technology, etc).

business-entity-dev-formBusiness Entity (developed form): This also presents here one attribute, in other words, one property that the entity may have.

migrate-linkMigrates link: Migration of elements between two versions of the IS. Generally used between business entities or application components.

data migration diagram

Migrate dependencies can be between business entities, or be more accurately defined at the "attribute" level.

In this example, we see that several attributes from the previous data model have been promoted to "entities" in the new data model.

These diagrams can rapidly be cluttered by links, they should be focused on the origin or destination business entities. Tables can alternatively be used such in the table below:

Origin Migrates in
Element Nature Element Nature
transportation Class Travel Class
    Hotel Class
    Flight Class
Travel Class Travel Class
Travel.destination Attribute Destination Class
Travel.hotel Attribute Hotel Class
Reservation Class Roomreservation Class
    Hotem Class


We see that the new model is better structured, as it groups previously scattered information. It is normalized.

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