Goal/Objective/Service diagrams

The purpose of a Goal/Objective/Service diagram is to define the ways in which a service contributes to the achievement of a business vision or strategy.

Services are associated with the drivers, goals, objectives, and measures that they support, allowing the enterprise to understand which services contribute to similar aspects of business performance. The Goal/Objective/Service diagram also provides qualitative input on what constitutes high performance for a particular service.

objective service diagram

Goal/Objective/Service diagram

business serviceBusiness service: Represents a service provided by the business, which may then be realized by one or more IS services.

goalGoal: This is a goal or objective of the enterprise.

trace linkGeneral purpose traceability link: Determines that the origin of the trace has been founded on the trace destination during its definition.

objective service diagram

Goal/Objective/Service diagram

business serviceBusiness service.


influence linkInfluence link.


# George 2011-05-04 09:09
The diagram shows clearly the association links between the business services and the enterprise goals. This is a useful view to manage the evolution of the system and the impact analysis. However, this diagram would be more practical in association with a matrix, which would be readable in case of a large system that contains many business services and links.
# amjathsharief 2014-01-26 16:47
Another way could be to draw individual diagrams for each business service & show the link between the service and the goals it traces to.
# phil 2014-01-27 10:20
@George : Yes matrices are also useful representation/management means. Indeed matrices are just an alternative presentation of the same model. Users have to decide which representation they prefer for which usage.

Agreed, an important use case is to have a diagram focused on a key model element (service, process, ...) and show its traces to goals, requirements, ...
# Yasmine 2016-03-23 20:27
When creating Business Footprint Diagram I don't have goal component. How can I define or add goals and objectives to the model?

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