Functional decomposition diagrams

The purpose of the functional decomposition diagram is to show on a single page the capabilities of an organization that are relevant to the consideration of an architecture. By examining the capabilities of an organization from a functional perspective, it is possible to quickly develop models of what the organization does without being dragged into an extended debate on how the organization does it. Once a basic functional decomposition diagram has been developed, it becomes possible to layer heat-maps on top of this diagram to show scope and decisions. For example, the capabilities to be implemented during the different phases of a change program.

This diagram can be enriched using links to other parts of the model, to indicate, for example, which application supports which function, which role uses which function, and so on.

functional decomposition diagram

Main functions of the DiscountTravel company

functionFunction: Describes one function of the organization.

functional decomposition

Main functions of the DiscountTravel company

business functionBusiness Function.


Stevan Kovačević
# Stevan Kovačević 2014-11-19 11:03
I have to start with this modeling tools.
Process model, data model , ...
Please suggest me any kind of plan.
Thank you very many in advance.
# admin 2015-01-29 09:32
Hi Stevan,

You can use Modelio and its TOGAF Architect module (
You also can use the Modelio Enterprise Architect Solution ( which provides a complete set of tools dedicated to architects (TOGAF, Requirements Management, ArchiMate, ...).
Vishal Koshy
# Vishal Koshy 2015-08-09 13:29
How to make my business plan in Togaf Model

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