Event diagrams

Also called "process maps".

The purpose of the event diagram is to depict the relationship between events and process. Certain events, such as the arrival of certain information (for example, a customer submits a sales order) or a certain point in time (for example, end of fiscal quarter) cause work and certain actions need to be undertaken within the business. These are often referred to as business events or simply events, and are considered as triggers for a process. It is important to note that the event has to trigger a process and generate a business response or result.

Event diagrams provide an overview of processes, which helps in their mapping. Event diagrams present a general view of processes, trigger events, sent events, participating roles or organization units, as well as received or sent products. At this macroscopic level, there is no sequence between processes, even if we are able to see that the products sent by a process can be re-used by another process.

event diagram

external actorExternal actor: An actor that is external to the enterprise.

internal actor 32x32Internal actor: An actor that belongs to the enterprise.

organization-unitOrganization unit: Describes one unit that breaks down the organization of the enterprise. This can be, for example, a department.

togaf-process-32Business process: As presented in process maps (event diagrams). The business process is detailed in flow diagrams.

togaf-product-32Product: A product is produced or consumed by business processes.

business-event-32Business event: A business event triggers a business process or is generated by a business process.

information-flowInformation flow: Defines the flow of any kind of information (business entity, event, product, informal, etc) between active entities of the enterprise.

participates-linkParticipates in link: Describes in which part or activity of the enterprise a participant intervenes.

initiator-of-linkInitiator of link: The origin participant initiates the designated process. It starts the process by realizing a task or activity in it.

event diagram

Event diagrams provide an overview of business processes.

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