Process/System realization diagrams

The purpose of the process/system realization diagram is to clearly depict the sequence of events when multiple applications are involved in the execution of a business process. It enhances the application communication diagram by augmenting it with any sequencing constraints, and hand-off points between batch and real-time processing. It would identify complex sequences that could be simplified, and identify possible rationalization points in the architecture in order to provide more timely information to business users. It may also identify process efficiency improvements that may reduce interaction traffic between applications.

process system realization diagram

component interactionInteraction application component: Represents the top level components that manage the interaction with elements outside the IS. In most cases, it is a GUI component, such as here a web interface.

component serviceProcess application component: A process application component is responsible for a business process execution. It orchestrates the tasks of the process.

togaf-process-32Business process: As presented in process maps (event diagrams). The business process is detailed in flow diagrams.

ApplicationApplication: This application component corresponds to legacy applications, off the shelf products, or can be an assembly of application components.

component-realizationComponent realization: An application component realizes the designated element, for example a business process.

access-linkAccess link: Dependency between parts of the IS, such as typically application components. Expresses that the origin element uses or accesses to elements of the destination.

information-flowInformation flow: Defines the flow of any kind of information (business entity, event, product, informal, etc) between active entities of the enterprise.

process system realization diagram

Two processes are realized by one application, and two application components.

The BookTravel process is initiated by the travel ordering site, and executed by the "BookTravel" process application component.

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