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"Togaf Modeling" is a collaborative site designed to provide a guide and practical modeling solutions, by selecting different standards that provide an off-the-shelf solution. There is no universal solution, but our aim is to identify a practical solution, through your contributions.

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UML, BPMN, ArchiMate, Dedicated Profiles … Two provided options

TOGAF by itself does not define which modeling language should be used. Given the broad scope of Enterprise Architecture, and the preferences of end users, we propose two options, having the same modeling capacities: "1 - UML + BPMN + EAP Profile" or "2 - ArchiMate + UML & BPMN extensions".

1 - UML + BPMN + EAP Profile

Using the richness of UML, coupled to BPMN for business processes modeling, the EAP profile implements the TOGAF metamodel by extending UML. The user sees TOGAF concepts, and uses UML/BPMN capacities to realize his models.

2 - Archimate + UML & BPMN extensions

ArchiMate is a standard of the Open Group dedicated to Enterprise Architecture modeling. Most TOGAF concepts are supported by ArchiMate. UML and BPMN add detailed modeling capacities to ArchiMate, such as Data modelling, and Business Process modeling. The entire scope of Enterprise Architecture modeling is covered by combining these three standards using modeling tools that support all of them, and provide refinement and traceability mechanisms.

ArchiMate model

archimate model sample

UML/BPMN extended with EAP

togaf model

Togaf Modeling has implemented its modeling examples using Modelio. There is an open source edition of Modelio, and a more complete commercial edition.
Modelio supports UML, BPMN, ArchiMate and provides the EAP profile.

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