This is the list of TOGAF artefacts as defined in the TOGAF book. Examples of models are provided for each supported diagram.

Togaf-Modeling intents to also provide examples for matrixes and catalogs in future iterations.

togaf artefacts

Event diagram

Also called "process maps".

The purpose of the event diagram is to depict the relationship between events and process. Certain events, such as the arrival of certain information (for example, a customer submits a sales order) or a certain point in time (for example, end of fiscal quarter) cause work and certain actions need to be undertaken within the business. These are often referred to as business events or simply events, and are considered as triggers for a process. It is important to note

functional decomposition diagram

The purpose of the functional decomposition diagram is to show on a single page the capabilities of an organization that are relevant to the consideration of an architecture. By examining the capabilities of an organization from a functional perspective, it is possible to quickly develop models of what the organization does without being dragged into an extended debate on how the organization does it. Once a basic functional decomposition diagram has been developed, it becomes possible to layer

The purpose of a Goal/Objective/Service diagram is to define the ways in which a service contributes to the achievement of a business vision or strategy.

Services are associated with the drivers, goals, objectives, and measures that they support, allowing the enterprise to understand which services contribute to similar aspects of business performance. The Goal/Objective/Service diagram also provides qualitative input on what constitutes high performance for a particular service.

organization decomposition diagram

An organization decomposition diagram describes the links between actors, roles and locations within an organization tree. An organization map should provide a chain of command of owners and decision-makers in the organization. Although it is not the intent of the organization decomposition diagram to link goal to organization, it should be possible to intuitively link the goals to the stakeholders from the organization decomposition diagram.

This diagram can also describe the definition of

process flow diagram

Business process modeling is carried out using process flow diagrams.

The purpose of the process flow diagram is to depict all models and mappings related to a process. Process flow diagrams show sequential flows of control between activities and may utilize swim lane techniques to represent ownership and realization of process steps. For example, the application that supports a process step may be shown as a swim lane. In addition to showing a sequence of activities, process flows can also be

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